What kind of food is good for parents to elect.

What kind of food is good for parents to elect
To ensure use for himself that to the fetus during the pregnancy vote she should pay attention to eating food and nutrition, should not arbitrarily eating these foods can affect your health and that of the fetus such as spicy foods or foods containing many greases so, she elected should eat what is good for?

Below are the types of foods good for parents elected need supplements.

Parents elected additional regular seeds
Nuts are good for her elected as cashews, sunflower seeds, nuts, pumpkin seeds … nuts contain many proteins, natural fats, and Omega, to the nutrients available from seeds, vital energy sources to bring help she elected to have good health and the development of the fetal brain cells.

What kind of food is good for parents to elect

What kind of food is good for parents to elect.

Parents elected to replenish butter
Avocados have effects against vomiting and reduce feelings of nausea, so she voted for the butter acts as a kind of medicines. In addition, butter contains many very high nutritional value. Butter contains more than 14 kinds of vitamins and minerals vary include: calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, manganese, folate, and selenium. With this nutrient composition, she elected to feel secure about the health problems and doesn’t worry the body will suffer from lack of substance during pregnancy.

In addition, you may not yet know that eating butter or avocado smoothies during pregnancy has the effect of preventing fetal deformities, increased resistance to her vote and help her mother elected to avoid getting diabetes pregnancy.

The food is abundant protein-Eggs
The abundant food source is egg protein, very beneficial for her vote and the fetus. In addition, eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids and source of DHA is essential for brain and eye development of the fetus. However, to avoid risks, parents elected to ripe egg processing required before eating.

fiber-rich food-oats
-Oats: oats are one of the top foods to eat when pregnant, especially those she elected constipation often. Oats contain more fiber, B vitamins and many minerals necessary for pregnancy.

The indispensable ingredient for fetus
-Fatty acids: amino acids DHA or AA is the important help for the development of the brain of the child, to the brain smarter, remember longer. DHA and AA are rich in salmon, tuna, fish oils, liver and even mother’s milk … in various studies show that she elected to eat fish about 5 times a week, the child born has an IQ smarter than other kids is 8 points, hence the need to provide enough DHA and AA during pregnancy but note that the need to restrict these types of seafood contain mercury such as shark, swordfish …

-Choline: Know what to eat smart children here? Choline is a form of vitamin B help the fetus brain development, enhance memory, the brain remember longer, absorb faster information processing, keener, so her vote should enhance the choline-rich foods in everyday meals like eggs, milk, beef …

The mother should eat several meals during the day instead of breakfast to ensure energy

-Protein: is a key ingredient in the development of the body and the brain of the child, thus providing enough protein in your daily meals is indispensable. Please select the type of protein-rich food to process in daily meals such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, Sesame, peanuts, …

-Iron and folic acid: iron has the role of creating the blood provide nutrition, foster the development of the body and brain, folic acid helps reduce the risk of neural tube defects, spinal cord and brain problems in the child. Missing 2 of the substance, the brain will develop is not good, so need to provide iron and folic acid through food in everyday meals such as red meat, fish, vegetable, sweet barley, amaranth, liver and internal organs of animals.

-Iodine: iodine is the indispensable component in the development of the brain, the lack of this substance the fetus more susceptible to suffer stupid. Use iodized salt in daily meals to provide sufficient iodine for her vote and the fetus.

To ensure the proper mode of energy, you should eat several meals during the day instead of breakfast. Each main meal should eat an extra bowl of steamed rice or add 1-2 extra meals. In the daily menu, you should also replenish the balance from these foods, such as rice, fish, meat, seafood … Pregnant women should drink each day from 400-600 ml of milk (fresh milk, soy milk, dairy). A balanced diet and sufficient nutrients, along with mothers psychological comfort vote is the only way to fetal brain development.