Complications of pregnancy 2

A. Late complications in pregnancy period

1. Deep vein thrombosis

Occurs in veins of the legs, can occasionally occur in the pelvic veins in pregnancy. Thrombosis is a blood clot, usually seen in overweight women, smoking, there was a family history of thrombosis or sedentary pregnant women. This thrombosis clots could move to the large blood vessels in the heart and the lungs cause congestion. This complication can be treated with anticoagulants blood.

2. Increased blood pressure

Can occur during pregnancy and is one of the symptoms of shock production money. More common in the first child’s birth mother and the parents have a family history of hypertension. Increased blood pressure during pregnancy can affect blood flow to the placenta and reduce the amount of oxygen to the baby. This explains why you must always check the blood pressure during pregnancy.

Complications of pregnancy 2

3. Rhesus

When the mother carries the blood group Rh (-) pregnant bring blood group Rh (+), the mother’s body will produce antibodies that attack the fetus erythrocytes. Less often encountered in the first pregnancy but there is the risk in the next pregnancy. Treatment by injections of Anti-D often for women with Rh (-) after birth or in pregnancy period if necessary.

4. Maximum fluid (amniotic water)-Minimum fluid (amniotic water shortage)

The amount of room that surrounds the fetus can reflect the General status and lung function of the fetus. Bump up the sudden or rapid abdominal skin to stretch the ball is a sign warning there may be abnormal. Should do an ultrasound to estimate the exact amount of amniotic water and discovered the irregularities involved.

5. Diabetes during pregnancy

Is a complication about 1-3% in pregnant women. The placenta produces hormones can alter the effects of insulin in the body. A mild case of gestational diabetes, the term can be controlled by proper diet, sometimes need to inject more insulin. Diabetes gestational period may increase the chance of high blood pressure or diabetes is truly after.

6. Peeling placenta

This is a case of emergency when that bubble out of the placenta into the mother’s womb to make the fetus suffered the lack of oxygen and nutrition. Parents will feel abdominal pain though is not seen abnormal vaginal bleeding, especially if there are blood clots that form between the uterus and the placenta were flaking off. In addition, may also experience vaginal bleeding cases very much. This need for surgery complications takes emergency contraceptive.

7. Stillbirths

Can meet at any stage of pregnancy period when her mother noticed changes in the body or the baby stopped moving. Need to do an ultrasound to diagnose for sure. Sometimes cannot find the cause or reason why abortion mortality in the uterus, this also meant that parents and family are difficult to accept.

8. Stasis suite in pregnant period

When the digestive enzymes, bile is accumulated in the liver of pregnant mothers osmosis on blood stasis syndrome can lead to your pregnancy. This condition can affect pregnant women and 1-2/1000 trend caused by genetics. A common symptom is very itchy, especially in the hands and feet. If the itching is unbearable and uncontrollable by the drugs and drink and lotion, she may elect to born babies soon.

9. Pubic ligament pain

The pubic ligament in her elected tend collapsed due to the influence of hormonal contraceptives, and they can’t keep pelvis tight joints together. She elected can feel uncomfortable, pain when walking, standing up and operating normally. Use belt or physical therapy will help reduce the discomfort. She elected should rest and heavy lobbying restrictions.

B. Should go to the doctor or call an ambulance if you encounter the following situations:

– Vaginal bleeding at any time during pregnancy or suddenly out of water rushing.

– Sudden abdominal pain or epigastric pain (stomach in position).

– Fetus movement abnormalities compared to today.

– Itching or burning of the skin.

– The body is in line quickly, especially the hand, ankle, and foot.

– Sudden weight gain shows you are water body back a lot, also means you can pre-stage shock risk.

– Intense headaches and sensitivity to light.

– The feeling of insecurity.

– The feeling of dizziness, Vertigo.

– Fuzzy feeling in eyes, flies, a Flash of light or dark eyes.

– The body temperature is higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius.

– Not eating, vomiting repeatedly. The minor is at least a sign that you’re losing water.

– The minor pain, a small pinch of strong shows you are minor infections.

– Urine tests each up periodically check sugar or protein in the urine does not help in the early detection of the condition or pregnancy diabetes produce money. If there is abnormal, you will be assigned to do some more tests.