Complications of pregnancy

The majority of her elected term pregnancy without experiencing complications. But some of the other women are not so lucky. Complications can occur during any stage of pregnancy and have serious influence in the different levels to body and health of pregnant women and the fetus. If unchecked, this risk can be reduced.

HUGGIES will help you list out the complications with the following list, but this list is not completely full. If you have a concern, you should seek the advice of your midwife or doctor.

If you experience weird pregnancy complications in the times before, or your family has a history of complications during pregnancy, etc then you will have the risk of complications is higher.

Complications of pregnancy 1

A. Complications in the pregnancy period stages soon

1. Ectopic pregnancy

This complication occurs when the fertilized egg nest in ectopic pregnancy. Likely to happen often around 1/200. If ever being ectopic pregnancy before surgery or tap the eggs, this probability is higher. It is the complications of surgical interventions are required to get the embryo and if not timely detection can have emergency surgery if pregnant nests eggs taps cause hot tap eggs.

2. Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the most common term pregnancy complications takes up about 15% frequency that term early stage. The cause of miscarriage is usually due to the disruption in the development process of a chromosome in the very early stage embryos after conceiving, makes the embryo is not compatible with life. Most women are able to conceive again and have a healthy term pregnancy after the miscarriage before. You can consult the website of the group more SANDS is a support group for women who have a history of miscarriage.

3. Pregnancy

Morning sickness is common complications due to nausea and vomiting. Vomiting is a common symptom in the first three months of pregnancy, occurring with a frequency of 1:200. This condition is also common in women who are overweight or obese, pregnant mother first, women have the mother during pregnancy or pregnancy also carries most women conceive. To meet this condition can be treated with oral medication but if excessive vomiting can lead to dehydration, hospitalized and a tv room.

B. Complications between gestational period

1. The cervical channel openings

Occurs when the cervix could not be sealed. Instead of the cervix is closed and sealed with a button rather than cervical mucus back short and collapsed. This situation can lead to miscarriage or premature rupture of amniotic membranes. One of the handlings is sewn to the cervix in pregnancy. A few weeks before the expected date of birth, the sutures will be removed.

2. Anemia

May encounter during the pregnancy period due to lack of blood pigment. Water accumulation in the blood can do vote she gets diluted, making the ratio of blood pigment in the blood is reduced. Due to the blood pigment holds an important role in the transport of oxygen to the fetus, she elected to do periodic blood tests to check blood pigment concentrations. There are many ways of handling from the most simple is the iron supplement in the feed or directly by taking iron tablets, to more complex is the blood transfusion.

3. Any similarity to blood group ABO

This situation can occur in the fetus have blood group A, B or AB while the mother carries the group o. cause fetal red blood when going to the circulation of the mother, the mother’s body will watch as foreign objects penetrate should make antibodies that attack the red blood of the fetus. Appropriate treatment with light therapy for babies suffering from jaundice at birth or blood transfusions if heavier.

4. Another striker

Another striker occurs when the placenta lies low in the uterus, partly or completely cover the cervix, often cause bleeding and may obstruct the exit of the fetus at birth. May have to Caesarean depends on the extent of another striker.

5. Slow growth in the uterus

The frequency of occurrence of about 10% of the pregnancy period. Ability to meet higher in the case of the first child’s birth, or the mother of pregnant mothers or older had more than 4 children before that. The fetal size was estimated when the abdominal examination visits by hand if there is doubt, the doctor or midwife will suggest more ultrasound for you. An ultrasound will help to estimate the exact size of the fetus when compared to gestational age and normal growth chart.

6. Premature birth

Premature birth appeared in about 7% of cases of pregnancy. More common in pregnant women suffered complications, with a history of premature birth before, smoking, drinking, drug abuse or have dental disease. If childbirth could not delay is when the baby has not yet matured, the doctor may only intend to use steroids to help the lungs more developed pregnancy. You can reference more information at the website of the National Premmie Foundation.

C. Late complications in pregnancy period

Deep vein thrombosis

Occurs in veins of the legs, can occasionally occur in the pelvic veins in pregnancy. Thrombosis is a blood clot, usually seen in overweight women, smoking, there was a family history of thrombosis or sedentary pregnant women. This thrombosis clots could move to the large blood vessels in the heart and the lungs cause congestion. This complication can be treated with anticoagulants blood.