Did she elect to eat something to help gain weight efficiently.

Did she elect to eat something to help gain weight efficiently?
The weight gain during pregnancy is essential to ensure her health as well as the election of pregnancy and fetal development however how weight is reasonable, then, not everyone knows how. Here’s a meal help the parents elected to gain effective do not fear nor be afraid overweight underweight.

The meal consists of 4 groups of food his mother elected to eat enough: the group, the Group of protein, fat and vitamin group of minerals, fiber.

Did she elect to eat something to help gain weight efficiently

Did she elect to eat something to help gain weight efficiently.

A.the correct conception of weight gain and health during pregnancy
When pregnant, mothers must always consider that its food not only for themselves but also for all children in the abdomen. During pregnancy, the needs for energy and nutrients requires higher than normal, because this needs also to ensure supply for the operation of the body, physiological changes such as the mother’s metabolism changes, weight gain, increased volume of the uterus , breast, increased volume,  … is also necessary for the development of the fetus and create milk breastfeeding. Thus, a meal of pregnant mothers needs to increase both the quantity and quality.

During pregnancy, the mother needs to increase from 9-: 12 kg, of which the first three months rose to 1-2 kg, 3 months between 3-18, last September to increase 5-6 kg. If I gain weight better when born, a fetus will gain 3 kg. Good weight gain, also means the mother accumulated large fat is the reserve source of energy to create milk after birth. If the mother does not raise enough weight will easily lead to the risk of the child suffering from fetal malnutrition, meaning that the child’s physical and mental will not be good. Thus, the diet during pregnancy is extremely important.

B.So the mother eat how much is enough?
According to nutrition experts, meals of mothers need enough 4 food groups: groups of powder include: rice, wheat, corn, sweet potatoes, cassava … The group consists of protein: meat, fish, eggs, shrimp, crab, bean do. .. The group includes fat, fat, oil, Sesame, peanuts, … Group vitamins minerals and fiber are vegetables and fruit ripening.

In the early months of pregnancy, due to the body tired, again often pregnancy, so many mothers do not eat much rice and afraid, therefore, want enough energy, you should eat more meals, eat your favorite foods into at any time see the appetite. Should prioritize food powder group as this is the main power supply, however, need to have the balanced ratio with other groups, if not will also be harmful to the health of the mother and the development of the fetus. In the following 6 months of pregnancy, the mother’s energy needs are 2,550 kcal/day, an increase of more than ordinary people every day 350kcal, so every day the mother should eat more from 1-2 bowls of rice.

Group protein essential for pregnant mothers. Protein needs to increase the mother’s part to protein synthesis for the body of the mother, must also provide protein for the fetus and placenta formation, development. Protein is needed for the development of all parts of the fetus, particularly brain cells. Therefore, in addition to the group, the pregnant mother should supplement the protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, shrimp, crab …

Should use more moderate protein-rich foods such as shrimp, crab calcium-rich medium, fish, snails to help create a solid skeleton of the fetus and osteoporosis for the mother. Should also make use of plant protein sources such as soybeans, green beans, Sesame, peanuts and other legumes. This cheap food rich in nutrients, easy to digest, has more fat, along with oil and fat help create energy reserves and the fetal cells, which help absorb the oil-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E).

Besides the balance between diets, protein powder, fat, the meal of pregnant mothers can not lack green vegetables, ripe fruit. The vegetables, tubers, vegetable, edible fruits: sweet, vegetables, spinach, Casella giền jute, vegetables, carrot, radish, GAC, kohlrabi, banana, mango, papaya, label, an … is the source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E help moms strengthen resistance; iron, folic acid is involved in the process of creating the blood …

In addition, mothers within the first month after birth should drink a dose of vitamin A 200,000 units to enough vitamin A in lactation milk first. To have sufficient amount of blood to nourish both mother and baby, should eat more food there are much irons such as lean meats, eggs, oval, heart, liver, beans, green vegetables. In addition to eating and drinking, lactating mothers should drink more staff with iron 60mg iron element and 0, 4 mg folic daily from the beginning of pregnancy until after June 1.

When pregnant moms also need to drink enough water. The amount of water needed every day about 1.5 liters. Should not use the beverage industry has a high sugar content. Also need to limit the use of these types of stimuli such as alcohol, coffee, tobacco, tea water characteristics; reduce eating spices such as pepper, garlic, vinegar.