How to maintain the body temperature of a newborn baby.


Maintaining a steady body temperature can help a baby’s health. In contrast, sudden changes in temperature often cause fever or serious health problems in children.

  1. Thermoregulation and healthy children

The normal temperature of the baby is of the 3637 degrees. This is the temperature that keeps normal metabolism. In newborns, the body temperature regulation function is limited, so when the environmental temperature changes beyond the regulation of their body, the child easily fever or the sudden drop in body temperature.

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How to maintain the body temperature of a newborn baby.

The ability to cool yourself with sweat in the baby is very backward and unstable. So, when the weather is hot, temperature rises, the young can reach 40 degrees Celsius, which may lead to seizures. If the temperature is 38 degrees Celsius in the young skin will turn red, sweating, increased heart rate breathing due to respiratory failure and dehydration in the winter temperature is low, the young skin may be swelling, erythema acne. In addition, children may be susceptible to changes in temperature:

In the newborn, especially young and healthy infants born, weak and lack of month, a subcutaneous fat layer is thin, poor heat preservation ability, so very young. In winter, it is easy to catch a cold.

When a newborn child with a temperature regulation ability is limited in cold weather, it is easy to be young, cold, cold and loose weight. That is why it takes the absolutely cold season for her to warm up.

The child can not breast-feed have weak resistance, but also the lack of nutrition, because the milk supply supplies material and resistance to the best children at the age of six months. This is one of the reasons that make children susceptible to severe low temperature causes infection and malnutrition.

Everything affects the healthy development of a child. Therefore, maintaining a temperature suitable for young bodies is very important.

  1. How to keep body temperature stable for children

According to experts, in the winter, pay attention to the child’s body temperature does not drop. The temperature should be maintained at 25-28 degrees Celsius, the temperature must be maintained at the room, you can open the air conditioning and ventilation system. You should also be equipped with heating equipment to help young hands and feet do not cold. Be careful not to wear diapers or clothes too tight for children. The humidity should be kept from 60 to 65%.

If the outside temperature at 10 degrees Celsius, the baby wear cotton plug, the temperature from 10 to 15 degrees, giving her coat, and a blanket covering 16 to 21 degrees, can wear her clothes on the warm materials.

Even in the summer, you need to pay attention to children with high temperatures. The temperature from 29 to 30 degrees, you need to give your T-shirt sweaty clothes, but long enough to cover the belly of the child. The temperature from 30 to 35 degrees, to the children to wear outdoor sunlight, away from, to avoid children playing with great intensity, the use of too much effort, too much sweat.

When the child is crying, pay attention to the clothes or the temperature that is causing your displeasure or not. In this case, is the child have a fever, body temperature in 38 degrees Celsius is too high, let us quickly find the child has a fever caused by infection, lost water room temperature is too high or the young children in the sun too long…… The first thing we have to do to help young hypothermia is to regulate the room temperature, reduce the amount of undress, and wipe out the baby, avoid the wind and breastfeed my child.