Oral health and pregnancy

Maintaining oral health during pregnancy may be the last thing you think of after the appetite and morning sickness. However, the oral health care is very important. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has launched the tips and advice to help you maintain your dental health in pregnancy.

Oral health and pregnancy

1. Visit the dentist

If you plan a pregnancy, dental work is very important. Regular dental examinations can be performed safely throughout pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, you should go to the dentist to check your teeth and gums are healthy do not. Let your dentist know you are pregnant. Your dentist may recommend a visit during the second three months of pregnancy. This is the period where most women have less sickness.

2. Appetite

Appetite or even fear of the food is the usual symptoms when you are pregnant. If you crave to eat sugary snacks, you’ll have the risk of tooth decay. Try to eat as much food as possible for less sugar. If you see only crave the sweet taste snacks, try to pick a few more healthy foods such as fresh fruit and yogurt. You should try to eat the junk food that’s as close as possible to the main dining hours and brushing after every meal a lot of sugar. If eating the sweets away from your main meal time, you try to gargle with water or milk.

3. Sickness and vomiting eww gross

He estimated that 80% of pregnant women will suffer from morning sickness. Dental care may seem like the last thing you think of after the sickness huh. But this time the teeth care will help you prevent dental problems long after.

If you regularly suffer from nausea or belching, strong acids in the stomach can cause abrasion of teeth when it was reflux.

4. To help minimize the risk of abrasion of teeth and tooth, try the following:

You should not brush your teeth right after vomiting. The strong acid in the stomach can soften your teeth enamel and rub your brush can scratch the enamel of teeth, leading to the detriment of another. Wait at least an hour after vomiting and then keep brushing.
Rinse with water (preferably tap water has fluoride chemicals) after vomiting, help support remove the acid.
You can gently smeared toothpaste onto the teeth. In addition, the use of fluoride mouthwash without alcohol will help provide additional protection against acid in the stomach.
Your dentist can provide more information and personal advice.
Vomit while brushing

5. If you are vomiting khan when brushing your teeth, especially the molars, please try the following:

– Try a kind of toothpaste has fluoride compounds carry another.

– Use a brush with a small head, for example, type for children type brushing legs

– Try to close your eyes and focus on breathing

– You can influence the likelihood of being baby tooth

Research has discovered that dental health status of motherhood can affect your baby’s oral health. So, maintain your oral health will reduce the risk of your child’s tooth.

During pregnancy, the gums may be more sensitive to irritation caused by bacteria and are prone to swelling. This is due to the increased hormone levels cause the gums stronger response to the stimuli by bacteria in plaque caused.

The disease affects the gums called gingivitis. Gingivitis occurs easily in the second three months of pregnancy. The signs of gingivitis include red, swollen gums and bleeding, especially when you are brushing and flossing. However, gingivitis can also be treated thanks to brushing and flossing properly.

Infection in the gum tissue around the teeth deeper called periodontal inflammation. Periodontal inflammation can cause receding gums and teeth is the permanent injury and you may have to pluck teeth.

Therefore, you need good oral hygiene before, during and after pregnancy. The important thing is you have to go to the dentist regularly for advice.

6. For healthy oral, you need:

– Brushing twice a day with toothpaste has fluoride chemicals

– Flossing daily

– Regular dental check, especially when pregnant

– Have a healthy diet

– Drinking more boiled water to cool

– Reduce the sugary drink food

– Snacks with healthy food