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Sleep during pregnancy

1. Benefits of massage during pregnancy:

– When done effectively, pregnancy massage has been proven to reduce stress-causing hormones in the body of pregnant women. It also increases levels of the hormone tend to be lower in women who suffer from depression.

– Reduce anxiety and improve the general mood after the massage.

– Pregnant women often find massage help renewable energy because they have the opportunity to rest and relax completely.

– For some pregnant women, massage can relieve nausea and heartburn, though, with some others, the symptoms may be more severe.

– Reduce the discomfort of normal pregnancy as neck pain, back pain, and heavily in the pelvis, leg cramps, swelling of the ankles, feet, and edema (water retention).

– Helps relax the muscles and relieve joint pain. Pregnancy massage can be especially helpful for women who suffer from the trigeminal nerve.

– Create a sense of connection with others as well as building relationships. Many pregnant women experience a change in intimate relationships with their mates, even before this relationship have pale marks fade.

– Improve the process of forest sinks, as well as the health of the mother and fetus, are improved. Mothers are relaxing tend to see less risk need more intervention when labor and childbirth.

– Pregnancy massage can create opportunities for women who stopped everything else and focus on the joy of having other people do something for me.

– Improve sleep due to less muscle tension and feelings of discomfort.

Sleep during pregnancy

2. When should avoid massage during pregnancy

– When a doctor or midwife recommends.

– Some therapists do not perform the massage in the first trimester of pregnancy because of the increased risk for miscarriage trong12 first week.

– If you are in a high-risk pregnancy or previously had a history of premature birth.

– If you touch blood pressure during pregnancy, for example, high blood pressure.

– If you use cótiền products recoil or were too sudden swollen with water retention symptoms.

– If you suffer from severe headaches.

– If pregnancy massage makes you feel tired, head dizzy, headache, or you don’t like the experience. Do not try to feel this because others consider it is a good thing. Some women really don’t like passive touch or massage is the intrusion into their privacy.

– If feel the massage too strong you need for the therapist know. Ask them to do more gentle and keep the communication open. This is called a good relationship in the treatment, should be made for both parties to achieve maximum benefits in the process.

– Massage when labor

Massage can be very effective to use quart labor process follower to reduce pain lưngvà muscular tension. It is a good activity to help the partners is the husband or boyfriend feel they are contributing to the childbirth. Even so, neither women would also enjoy massage when labor, because they feel lost focus or have great stimulation. Some therapists massage using aromatherapy oils to stimulate labor. They combine with massage is said to promote the process.