The benefits from chocolate which I elected not to know.

The benefits from chocolate which I elected not to know
Scientists at the University of Helsinki (Finland) have conducted a survey on 300 women used chocolate during pregnancy and they found that chocolate, bring a positive impact to health she elected as well as the behavior of the child to be born later. Recent research shows that eating chocolate can lower blood pressure, prevent shock production as well as increase the mood fun for mom.

  1. Eat Chocolate good for health

Scientific researchers to the UK said, in chocolate, especially black chocolate contains many substances called “theobromine”, this substance helps stimulate the cardiovascular, relax the muscles, stay tuned to improve blood circulation in the placenta of pregnant women.

The benefits from chocolate which I elected not to know

The benefits from chocolate which I elected not to know.

  1. Eating Chocolate prevent production stutters

An article from the author’s 2008 Anthem BlueCross shows black chocolate help prevent production stutters-status blood pressure increased rapidly during pregnancy. Accompanying complications is causing excess protein in the urine. If not treated early, it can be fatal for both mother and fetus.

Dr. Elizabeth Triche from Yale University led a research team also discovered that the mother eating chocolate makes large amounts theobromine concentrate in umbilical cord so the mother is less likely to suffer shock production money. This study also was published in 2008.

  1. My Mom eat chocolate, your baby will have fun.

It is the result of research scientists at Helsinki (Finland). The research was conducted to track on 3000 parents elected to eat and not to eat chocolate during pregnancy and the baby’s behavior was born six months later. The baby is born from the mother’s blood group chocolate during pregnancy particularly in the early going and upbeat than the behavior. The babies born from mothers group stress but eating chocolate in pregnancy will be less worried than the expression the kid have parents stress but not to eat chocolate when pregnant.

  1. Theobromine has in chocolate is used to treat evidence of hardening of the arteries.
  2. One other chemical in chocolate are magnesium has the effect of reducing and preventing high blood pressure.
  3. Flavonoids in chocolate are potent antioxidants, which help neutralize toxic substances known as free radicals in the body. Toxic substances can penetrate into the body when the mother is exposed to cigarette smoke and pesticides.

Antioxidants also reduce cancer and related diseases. Note that the more dark chocolate, then a number of flavonoids as much.

  1. Eat Chocolate help the mood fun

Substances in chocolate stimulate the production of chemicals called neurotransmitters in the brain, spinal cord, endorphin and other parts of the body. The increased endorphin helped elect to increase happiness.

Endorphin is also known to help reduce the effects of natural pain. Parents can promote the production of endorphin to the body by walking daily.

  1. Eat Chocolate black can do the bad cholesterol (LDL) up to 10%.
  2. other Substances in chocolate are serotonin acts as antidepressants.
  3. A fat monounsaturated oleic acid called healthy was found in chocolate. This also has fat in olive oil. Chocolate also contains saturated fat called stearic acid but research shows, stearic acid does not have a negative impact on cholesterol.

Some things to note for his mother elected when eating chocolate
Because chocolate contains caffeine (be advised should limit for parents elect) should not be abuse of chocolate

Eating too much chocolate will lead to rapid weight gain and cause dental problems. Every day my mother can feed a small chocolate bars or ingots.

If a mother is diagnosed with diabetes pregnancy should consult a physician when want to eat chocolate.