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The best nuts for mom and baby gourd.

The best nuts for mom and baby gourd
There are many simple ways to supplement during pregnancy. Here we would like to mention the good nuts that you should supplement during pregnancy. They are very beneficial for health she voted and the development of the fetus.

Here are all the nuts have high natural nutrients, can help parents elected to take care of the body and provide the essential nutrients for fetal development.

The best nuts for mom and baby gourd

The best nuts for mom and baby gourd.

Walnuts have high nutritional value, help pregnant women Omega-3 supplement, Vitamin-E, phosphorus and amino acids L-Arginine. Especially Omega-3 concentrations in walnuts three times greater in salmon, help promote brain development of fetuses and young children. If the parents persist eat walnuts during pregnancy, babies born will be very smart, healthy. Also, when women eat walnuts will be refreshed, smooth skin, helps the circulation of blood vessels and anti-aging.

Almond nuts
This is also a good source of nutrition nuts for pregnant mothers, help little smarter in the womb thanks to Omega-3 ‘s in the nuts.

Besides almonds also folate, folic acid is essential for parents and elected as indispensable nutritional sources of the fetus. Folic acid substances in almonds, help little love in the womb avoided the birth defects.

In addition, the almonds are also rich in magnesium helps reduce the risk of premature birth and help the nervous system of the developing fetus. The seeds also help to prevent the secret evidence was frequent urination during pregnancy.

Melon seeds
As part of the melon contains protide, this protein is indispensable for the nerves, muscles, blood, internal organs, bone joints. Glucid substances contained in melon is the main component of cells and nerves.

In addition, the melon also contains many nutrients such as lipids, vitamins B1, B2, E, calcium, iron, zinc. Thus, parents elected should eat more melon seeds to the fetus are adding nutrients and healthy.

Pumpkin seeds
This County has certain effects on the development of intelligence of the fetus. In addition, the pumpkin is also good for the kidneys, stomach, laxative and help special help for parents elected to reduce the risk of depression and feel comfortable, clearly.

Peanuts (peanuts)
In the peanuts contain more folic acid, essential for women during pregnancy. The composition of grain containing more than 10 types of amino acids necessary for the human body, help promote the reproduction out brain cells, improving the ability to remember and to enhance the development of thinking, stabilize blood sugar. Thus, parents elected should complement this nuts into your daily menu.

When eating the parents elect should not abandon the pale pink crust on the outside, by the crust had a blood tonic effect, help parents vote more healthy. The parents should also note do not eat moldy peanuts, by then in the tribe have harsh aflatoxin-a poison capable of causing liver cancer.

Lotus seed
Lotus seed is a nut have many uses and are beneficial to health. In the Lotus seed rich in calcium, protein, phosphorus useful effects, kidney tonic, Sue Bhikkhu, sedative. With these advantages, the mother should not vote to ignore Lotus seed because it’s very good for the development of your baby’s brain and nerve. This is especially beneficial nuts with the mother or lost sleep during pregnancy.

Nuts contain lots of protein, fat, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and vitamins has the effect of blood circulation, kidney tonic provides nutrients to the muscles. Parents elected to eat healthy not only nuts, bones but also reduce fatigue during pregnancy. Therefore, the addition of more nuts on the menu of the parent vote is essential.

The pea
Legumes like green beans, red beans, black beans … is a good food source for both mother and baby because beans contain nutrients that are found in animal products

Beans are rich in zinc is much-needed minerals, helps reduce the risk of preterm birth, low birth weight, or extend the time. In addition, the beans contain many proteins, rich in calcium, potassium, zinc, vitamin B6, magnesium, folate, and alpha-linolenic acid … all are substances needed for mother and baby.