The eating guidelines need to comply to win her vote.

The eating guidelines need to comply to win her vote
The note about eating her vote during pregnancy is very important because during pregnancy the health she elected to be the best guarantee. Below are the resources the parents elected to note to ensure the best health during the pregnancy period.

Adjustment of nutrition during pregnancy
Virtually all pregnant women need more protein, vitamin, minerals as folic acid and iron, and many calories to provide energy. If you maintain a poor diet, should move immediately to a meal rich in nutrition. That’s the best you can do for the health of your child.

The eating guidelines need to comply to win her vote

The eating guidelines need to comply to win her vote.

However, eating better does not mean eating more. If start to gain weight, you do not need more calorie during the first 3 months. 3 months later need more about 300 calories a day. About 450 calories a day for the last 3 months. If overweight or light weight, you will need more or less than this. You can balance according to the desired weight.

Skip the sushi, wine, and soft cheese
During pregnancy, you should avoid using the live seafood, milk is not pasteurized and soft cheese made from pasteurized milk, especially meats, and poultry are not yet cooked through. All of which can be the source containing the bacteria dangerous to you and your baby to love.

Learn about how to prevent Listeria infections, a type of sexually transmitted disease is particularly dangerous to eat while pregnant. Almost all fish all contain small amounts of monomethyl mercury. The metal if used in high doses will cause harm to the developing brain of the fetus. Nutrition professionals recommended when pregnant, you should limit fish consumption to about 350 grams per week, for 2 servings.

Besides, you should also abandon the cocktail party after hours. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause physical defects, disorders of cognitive abilities and the emotional problems of young children. So many experts recommend that you should give up alcohol during the pregnancy period.

You can also consider skipping the drink contains caffeine. This may be difficult during the first 3 months of pregnancy if you have the habit of taking coffee or drinks containing caffeine every day. You should decrease slowly to avoid side effects like headaches, dizziness. A few studies indicate women use about 200 or more than 200 mg of caffeine per day have a higher risk of miscarriage doubles women do not use caffeine. Large amounts of caffeine can induce births were a little more lightweight, even conceive being dead.

In addition to coffee, caffeine is also found in tea, cola carbonated drinks, other, cocoa, and chocolate. Better would be to replace the missing dish nutrition by healthy choices like whole milk fat, 100% fruit juice, orange juice, lemon squeeze. A cup of delicious hot milk can be replaced for a latte in the morning.

no dieting during pregnancy
Dieting during pregnancy which is the potential risk to you and your child. Many weight loss diets may cause you to not only reduced calorie but also reduce both the iron, folic acid, vitamins and other important minerals.

Weight gain is one of the positive signs of a healthy woman. Women who eat well and gain weight just enough likely born healthy baby. If you use fresh foods and is slowly rising up a few kilos, you also just relax and peace of mind because this is normal, necessary for the healthy development of the baby.