The fruits are best for parents vote in the summer.

The fruits are best for parents vote in the summer
The fruits here are not only good for health but also elected her very good both for the baby … However, she elected would suffer gastrointestinal disorders should not eat more oranges.

In each fruit has the good natural nutrition for the body of his mother and the fetus.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C, helps parents elected to increase body resistance. In addition, orange is also abundant folic acid and potassium is the substance that helps prevent the birth defects for the fetus, with help for healthy blood cells.

For those parents elected to have high blood pressure, then the orange juice will be the number one choice for parents.

Use fresh orange squeezed drinking water or food, do not need more sugar. Each day, or on the way, parents can drink a glass of orange juice is undergoing very well

The fruits are best for parents vote in the summer

The fruits are best for parents vote in the summer

If parents elected to suffer gastrointestinal disorders should not eat a lot of oranges will not good.

Avoid drinking canned orange juices because usually, these kinds of orange juice have a preservative and there concocted more sugar chemistry. Another thing is that in the process of transportation, preservation, some boxes may be bacterial infection causes abdominal pain, diarrhea, mother is not good for both the mother and the fetus

Result sung
My mother will be very surprised to hear “universal application” of the additional results with the body of the mother and the baby.

Good for parents electing constipation: in fruit, supplements contain more fiber, like a green vegetable or fresh fruit would be very good for the parents elect would in term pregnancy constipation.

Preventing hypertension: potassium concentrations in the impoundment is higher than with the banana so results supplements help control blood pressure. Therefore, it prevents hypertension related to production.

Curb cravings: alkalis in supplements help parents curb cravings during pregnancy. This will help parents limit the overweight, obesity.


Relieve constipation: Supplements are rich in vitamin B6, vitamins have long been proven to be beneficial for reducing constipation.

Reduce the risk of premature birth: Supplements also contain significant amounts of omega 3, essential for the development of the fetus as well as reduce the risk of premature birth.

Pumpkin fruit
This is a very good food for the mother.

With the amount of vitamin A, E, C, and B6 abundant food sources become Super pumpkin good for the eyes and the heart.

Help the laxative, constipation and hemorrhoids: prevention as well as results of sung pumpkin is also very rich in fiber, which helps prevent the two diseases that many parents elected to face when pregnant.

Pumpkin has good antioxidant properties, has the effect of avoiding infection in pregnancy by strengthening the immune system for parents.

In addition, the pumpkin also proved to contain anti-stress, help for parents electing to have better spirit Gerald.

Ripe papaya fruit
Ripe papaya contains many antioxidants should be very good for the digestive system and beauty of his mother to vote.

In addition to vitamins A, C, ripe papaya also offers more folate-the main ingredients is help prevent fetal deformities, and hosting an enzyme, which helps promote the digestive process.

Ripe papaya is abundant nutrients, beneficial for the health of the mother, contained very little calorie so when parents elected to eat to still be the kind of essential vitamins and minerals that do not cause weight gain, obesity.

In the main only papaya, 100 g contains about 32kcal so it is very suitable for the parents are afraid to vote on weight.

Ripe papaya also contains more vitamin C, not only helped parents have healthy eyes, boosting the immune system that helps fight inflammation and joint pain remains or happen in the mother during pregnancy.

Mango Fruit
Eat mangoes will help moms have healthy immune systems.

In each section, the mango has a high natural sugar content, 3 g of fiber, vitamin A, C.

Coconut Fruit
Coconut water contains various nutrients help balance power in the blood. The obstetrician advised her to drink coconut water a vote from 2 to 3 times a week.

Coconuts also treat the prevention and treatment of heartburn for elected mother very well. Coconut water-efficient in cleaning the deep in the intestinal and digestive system, helping limit the heartburn and constipation in pregnancy.

Coconut water can help increase the amount of urine, flushing out toxins and prevent urinary tract infections.

Note: first 3 months pregnant mother should not drink coconut water. After 3 months you should consult your doctor what drinking coconut water.

According to Liang, China Of Wu with the medicine, she voted, in the first three months, the basic metabolism going strong and complicated. Coconut water sustainability when drinking will take conditioning to make basic metabolism decreased even can cause disorders of the face. On the other hand, in addition to coconut water minerals, are also high in fat. The nature of fat somewhat difficult digestion, drinking more can cause bloating, indigestion, flatulence. She voted in the first three months often have the phenomenon of sickness like nausea, anorexia, nausea, if drinking coconut water will do