The reason of causing infertility, miscarriage in a row in women.

The reason of causing infertility, miscarriage in a row in women
Many women suffer from infertility or miscarriage in a row but don’t know why? Women vulnerable to infertility and miscarriage than when getting chronic diseases, or use tobacco regularly … it is also one of the reasons that cause infertility and miscarriage in a row in women. Let’s learn to also avoid the mother nhé!

Thyroid disorders
Youth, according to the statistics of the American Thyroid Association, in America has more than 20 million people suffer from thyroid disorders. An estimated 60% of the cases diagnosed, not push patients to the risk of the disease more dangerous condition, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and infertility. Dr. Alyson Myers medical system North Shore-LIJ in New York has taken the lead only to see when to note to thyroid disorders from the signs not trivial by the body.

The reason of causing infertility, miscarriage in a row in women

The reason of causing infertility, miscarriage in a row in women.

The abnormalities in thyroid function can have an adverse impact on reproductive health up. The result is that the rate of conception reduced the risk of miscarriage increases or leave bad results in pregnancy and birth.

Stray endometrial diseases
This is a fairly common disease, amounting to about 2% of women of childbearing age. The tribe of the endometrium is the move of the endometrium to a place other than the uterine Chamber. In it, the endometrium continues to suffer the effects of reproductive hormones, so will grow and develop according to the menstrual cycle.

Cervical problems
According to the health & life, some uterine problems such as chronic infection, tumor, scar in cervical, cervical structures suffer malformation or sealed … is why cute women infertility, miscarriage.

In addition, if the substance mucus in the cervix too little, poor quality or in this mucus antibodies sperm has led the ‘ elite ‘ difficulty moving or stopped.

Uterine problems
The structure of the uterus problems, due to the tumor, scar tissue, the adhesive of the previous surgery, fibroids, abnormal uterine mucosa in … is the obstacles could prevent fertilization, or fertilized egg, but no nest was in the womb, causing miscarriage spot shortages.

Chronic diseases
Some chronic diseases such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, depression, hypertension, peptic ulcers … can render women vulnerable to infertility and miscarriage than healthy people. This was due to the treatment of this disease can affect the mechanism of ovulation and conception in a woman’s body.

Irregular menstrual cycle
A menstrual cycle too short under 24 on or too long more than 35 days will result in women having fertility problems. This is because raw whale irregular menstruation cycle will affect the process of ovulation and egg quality.

Turner syndrome is the most common genetic condition in the woman related to the sex chromosome. People who suffer from this syndrome when born without ovaries, leading to infertility.

With the woman’s pregnancy, the fetus’s chromosomal abnormality is the most common cause.

Women smoking
Women who smoke are often difficult to conceive or ease of miscarriage than other women. Because of nicotine-containing tobacco do circuit contraction and decreased blood supply, leading to the function of genital disorders, affect reproductive activity.

Some problems of ovulation as abnormal activity ovarian, ovulation, ovule Launcher not irregular or endocrine diseases can cause women to not be pregnant.

In addition, in the case of eggs to fertilize, but due to endocrine disorders that the hormone in the female body can not provide the appropriate environment for the eggs survive and mature should cause miscarriage.

Sexually transmitted disease
Women who have suffered sexual diseases or infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, sexual genital warts … due to the reproductive organ systems vulnerability should also be difficult in reproductive problems.

The age of the woman the higher the declining fertility and miscarriage rates increase.

If being rare late or bad pregnancy several times, you should see a doctor immediately to determine the exact cause and timely treatment.