The secret of his wife and child care for young dad.

First time pregnant wife the news, young fathers steeped in love, happy, expecting each day I was born. However, you also need to prepare psychologically and knowledge to care for his wife and children carefully.

  1. Become familiar with the change

Bust Your wife can grow quite a lot compared to before. This is completely normal (except chest grow abnormally). Not only you but even your wife should also be familiar with this. It will lead to a result that many husbands “dislike” but this is the necessary changes during pregnancy and parenting later.

Nipple and skin tissue in women after childbirth has many major changes to prepare for the period of breastfeeding mothers. Therefore, if the husband wants to “touch” on them, maybe they will not be “welcome”.


The secret of his wife and child care for young dad.

  1. Quit alcohol

If your wife usually brandy or alcohol before having a baby, now, help her quit that bad habit by never drinking or using substances like when the two of you together for dinner or chatting with each other.

  1. Start good habits right now

Do not wait until 11 pm begun thinking of his wife workout healthy exercise or cook a nutritious dish for her. Let’s start now.

Good habits in daily life, diet or exercise have a very positive impact on the mother and baby. Many women during pregnancy often morning sickness, fatigue or heaviness in the body makes them not want to practice these habits. Please manually make a tasty dish or actively invite her to participate in physical activity to improve health, help psychological comfort, reduce stress, depression.

  1. Prenatal care

Prenatal care and pregnancy ultrasound is a very important job to ensure the health of both mother and baby. In important milestones ultrasound, pregnancy necessarily should visit. Do not hesitate to go with his wife to the hospital, you will make her feel more comfortable. Also, you absolutely can ask your doctor to explain the situation to understand more about the health of his wife and child.

  1. No, “the men”

On the 20th week of pregnancy, doctors can predict the sex of the fetus. Chances are, your favorite doctor will ask your son or daughter. Though you would have been a lovely princess or a boy agile, hyperactivity, all of you are children, are the result of love between the couple. Therefore, although the doctor, “revealing” baby boy or girl then satisfied for that.

  1. Take care of the little things

When ANC, my wife you will have a blood test. Undergo such tests, pregnant women prone to nausea, dizziness. Give your wife a little snack to snack, she will be more comfortable.

On Tuesday trimester, some pregnant women extremely worried when the baby for several hours did not see the fetus move, “bicycle mother” as always. Please help her peace of mind by giving her a glass of cold water. The fetus will “wake up” and move back after only a few minutes.

These are just a few tips to help the young father his wife and child care easier, more thoughtful. Care actions must come from real love.