The signs of pregnancy when I double.

The signs of pregnancy when I double
Pregnancy test sticks can help parents know if I was pregnant or not, but it can’t be for me or that is it the pair or not. Ultrasonography in the early months too, hard to give exact answers to this question, but based on the following signs, parents can also elect to identify the exact relative ability of her double pregnancy. Check right mom!

The measurement of HCG in the blood index of pregnant women
HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin phrase) or hormones Chorion is a type of hormone available in the blood of pregnant women or urine for about 10 days after conception. HCG index rises quickly and peaks at around the 10th week of pregnancy.

The signs of pregnancy when I double

The signs of pregnancy when I double.

Thus, by measuring the index of HCG in the blood of pregnant women, the doctor can determine a relatively precise about the number of eggs was conceived based on a scale to measure HCG standards.

Use sound waves to measure fetal heart rate
At the end of the third month of pregnancy, by using sound waves to amplify the fetal heart sounds, the doctor can also determine whether the parents elected to have brought most pregnant or not. If the doctor discovers more than a heart can conclude relatively was more than one fetus. In addition, the sound waves have also been proven to be harmless to the fetus.

However, this measure is usually not high precision because the sound is said to be the second heart rate may be background noise or the main heartbeat of pregnant women.

Sickness worse
About 50% of pregnant women experience morning sickness symptoms such as nausea and vomiting frequently. Pregnant women carrying multiple pregnancies is no exception, even through the period of sickness is much more strenuous. Up to 85% of the mothers of twins said their sickness stage ‘ horrible ‘ more than when just a baby.

Weight gain more than
Pregnant women carrying multiple pregnancies are more weight gain than a pregnancy. However, the speed gain varies depending on height, weight and body shape prior to the pregnancy of pregnant women.

AFP higher index
AFP is a protein that is created in the liver, the fetus and in the fluid. Index test AFP blood test is to be performed in pregnant women in the second three months of pregnancy. This test is used to determine the risk of the fetus have birth defects or not. In addition, pregnant women carrying multiple pregnancy AFP higher than index are also pretty much compared to pregnant women carrying a single fetus, so based on indicators of AFP, the doctor can also determine the relative the mother carries the most abortions.

A larger waist than the gestation
Throughout pregnancy, doctors can measure the height of the fundus of the uterus (calculated from the top of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus) to determine the age of the fetus. A twin pregnancy can cause the mother’s womb expand crossed the range normal single pregnancy. Therefore, based on this size, the doctor can also predict the parents have the double pregnancy or not.

Fetal movement sooner than
The parents elected to carry the most pregnant also often said they felt the fetus moving in her stomach early and more frequently than with a pregnancy.

Tired of more than
The fatigue is too manifest most often seen in the mother carries the most abortions. Drowsiness, nausea, and fatigue during the first trimester of pregnancy may increase many times by the body are working to provide nutrition for more than one baby. However, in some cases, this transition fatigue can also do the job as well, stress or poor nutrition.

Ultrasound images
In the end, the only way to confirm for sure the parents have brought the most pregnant or not is the ultrasound. However, from Tuesday onwards, the results of ultrasonic image song that, most new conception becomes clear and accurate.