The solving methods of her when she elected cramps or leg swelling.

The method to solve at his mother elected to suffer cramps
In she voted, there are many symptoms happen makes me vote or fell into uncomfortable. In it, cramping is one of the popular phenomena. This is not a disease and does not cause the fetus being affected. However, cramping very sore, very elected mother or occur in the evening should be losing sleep, make that affect health. Therefore, the method of handling when she elected to suffer cramps is very necessary.

The solving methods of her when she elected cramps or leg swelling

The solving methods of her when she elected cramps or leg swelling

Why parents elected to suffer cramps
There are many causes that lead to bad cramps in my mother voted, of which the highlight are as follows:

-On the first days of pregnancy, pregnant women often suffer from morning sickness, vomiting and not eating are causing nutritional deficiency, dehydration, … From there, leading to the phenomenon of muscle tenseness, and cause cramping.

The method of solving election cramps at Mama 1
Painful cramps

-Increasing body weight up, causing more pressure to the muscles in the legs lead to the phenomenon of cramps (especially at night and as to the end of the pregnancy period as happening more often).

-In addition, cramps abdominal also appeared, back, buttocks, … The reason is because when baby grows up, the womb of the mother must also enjoy having enough space for the children. As such, this means that the muscles, ligaments support the uterus being stretched, being led to the shrinkage.

The handle when she elected to suffer cramps

When encountering the cramps, you need to calm down and have the resolve as follows:

-Massaging the cramps: need users manual massage, soothing to the shrinkage. In addition, it should be noted that if the cramps near the abdomen then are gentle massage, avoid hitting to the fetus.

-: This applies when you suffer cramps in the legs, is typical in banana and thighs. At the moment, you try to straighten the legs, start gentle massage of the ankle and the toes. This can be very painful at first, but slowly the pain will decrease and relapse again.

The method of solving cramps at Mama elected 2
Foot massage for mom vote

-To the body, especially the legs are mobility, frequent relaxation; avoid standing/sitting 1 place too long makes you vote more heavy cramps.

-Regular massages, foot massage, calf, the toes, … to the blood circulation better, limiting the cramps.

-Stats on soft: When sleeping or resting, mom can vote a little foot high with pillows/soft blanket in order not to hinder the circulation of blood.

-Full eating: one is the need to drink enough water every day to avoid the hard pressure.

The guide supports the reduce edema legs for her mother elected
During pregnancy, especially in the fifth month, she elected will encounter a general fatigue, which is suffering from edema of the feet. During this time, the pressure from the weight of the fetus will make your feet meet the condition of swelling, edema and seem very heavily. Therefore, this causes no small hardship for her vote. Recipes help reduce edema legs for her vote will help you limit and reduce fatigue.

Reasons for her vote be edema legs
There are many reasons for pregnant women suffering from edema, leg or foot edema condition makes become worse:

-Wearing too tight.

-Pregnancy and abortion. May the song.

-Disorders of hormones during pregnancy also dilates the vein, contributing to the delays and stasis of blood do about looking more difficult.

The guide supports the reduce edema legs for her mother elected 1
She elected to suffer leg edema

-Women have to stand or sit too long in a long time.

-Due to wear stilettos more at normal, when pregnant would be the right fit.

On this is only the main causes leading to this situation. In addition, there are many things on the other side as caused by Genetics, diet, …

Recipes help reduce edema legs for her vote

There are the following recipes help for bad vacuum line is also the serious and heavy feeling of women are falling away:

Limit salty food
Don’t eat a lot of salty dishes will help your body not being water. Eat more salt just makes the situation more water storage body, making the leg you get in line and more discomfort. So, let’s cut the amount of seasoning salt in daily meals.

In addition, you should not use canned food available or processed. Usually, these types contain high salt to preserve for a long time.

Avoid making the body temperature increase

Avoid sunbathing for too long outside, body temperature increase could make the condition were in line when the pregnancy becomes more heavily. At the same time, she elected should also bear a reasonable diet, eating foods that help solve hot in person to feel better during pregnancy.

The guide supports the reduce edema legs for her mother elected 2
Foot massage to her elected

Drink lots of water

Although edema is due to water accumulation, but the full drinking water is very important during pregnancy. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, the equivalent of 2 liters of water to the body are constantly purified waste and provide enough substance.

In addition, there are many equally important measures such as:

-High Stats legs when lying or sitting to reduce the amount of blood to pack down the legs.

-Cold in the body parts was in line.

-Gentle mobilization to blood circulation stability.

-Eat more potassium-rich foods such as vegetables, fruits.

-Select the bệt comfortable shoes to help musically vacuum and easy mobility.