The top food needed for mother elected when pregnant.

The top food needed for mother elected when pregnant
Care for your child from when the longer “groats” until the little form is both a long way … Therefore, right from pregnancy, the mother needs attention to brain development. These foods help parents provided many nutrients good for her health vote below.

To help healthy baby and mother elected not too fat during pregnancy, a mother can vote more on articles about 9 the following foods to incorporate into the meal!

The top food needed for mother elected when pregnant

The top food needed for mother elected when pregnant.

Salmon contains no non-fatty acid DHA, very good for the brain development of the fetus. Source of DHA in the salmon a lot higher than the source DHA contained in milk for her elected, can help improve mood, mental stability for young mothers

Vitamins B3, B6, B12 helps support the metabolism of nutrients in food … and omega-3 fats (mainly DHA) in the salmon quite the high help for the development of the nervous system and the retina of the eye of the fetus. In the course of the pregnancy if the mother elected to eat fish after the baby will have superior intelligence by the index provided a nutritional Chung DHA in pregnancy.

However, the Bureau of food and drug administration of the United States note, pregnant women should only complement of about 300 g of salmon per week to avoid mercury poisoning. In addition to being the safest, she elected to clean salmon processing needs and cooked before enjoying.

Eggs contain lots of lutein and zeaxanthin, here is the combination of antioxidants are known under the common name “carotene substance group”. In addition, the eggs also choline and vitamin B, as well as the important nutrients to help prevent neural tube defects and enhance memory locations for the baby.

When the eggs she elected should eat the whole egg, choline intake focused largely in egg yolk, egg white only has 4 g of protein. However not so that parents elected to eat more eggs, should remember is to only eat eggs in moderation.

For example 1 egg/day or 3 egg whites with 1 egg yolk.

Fresh cheese
Cheese is a food of nutritional value so large because of the large majority of the protein containing a. Parents elected to remember that throughout the period of pregnancy, the protein that the parents need to rise from 46 g up 71gam/day. Because protein plays an important role in the process of formation and development of the fetus. It is capable of forming as well as replace the cells in the body of the mother and the fetus.

Cheese is processed food sources are not only rich in protein but also as sources of calcium supplements are excellent for both mother and baby.

Asparagus plants are rich in fiber should work very well for her mother elected to constipation.

In the asparagus with folic acid and folacin (Folate also many in beef liver and whole grains) should be very helpful for the process of formation and development of blood cells, to avoid neural tube defects of the fetus.

In addition, plant the asparagus can prevent cataract disease, keep young eyes in the morning because of rich folacin.

Sour milk
Yogurt is a great food supply zinc compounds. Zinc is essential trace elements in the increase and strengthens the tissue cells of the body to the fetus. In addition, zinc was also viewed as the Foundation of the genetic process for the fetus, particularly DNA.

The yogurt was known to be a food that is rich in calcium. Calcium plays an important role in strengthening bones for both mother and fetus. In the yogurt containing probiotic bacteria help digest and increase your baby’s immunity.

During pregnancy, the mother usually elected or constipation bloating indigestion then eating yogurt is a very simple solution useful. But there was a note with the mother dairy is a laxative. Thus, it can be a snack like a password many parents also should only eat just right.


If you have a cold or flu when pregnant, you’ll increase the chance of pregnancy-related problems such as period, pneumonia bronchitis up fivefold. Cam is an ideal food to help parents increase body immunity. Fruits are rich in vitamin C, strengthens the resistance, skin beauty for pregnant women.

Garlic helps you reduce the risk of shock production, also known as hypertension in pregnancy. About ¼ women with high blood pressure will lead to the syndrome in pregnancy shock products. And those who have this disease will have a risk of heart disease twice as follows.

Daily, during the processing of the food, the parents may elect additional seasonings of garlic, this not only helps the dishes more attractive but also effective