Tips for parents how to minimize property room after the birth.

Tips for parents how to minimize property room after the birth
Property room appears after birth is something no less annoying sister. Even the prolonged status. Not too hard to minimize the production room, the following are some of the experiences that the mothers before the pass. Please refer to the right to terminate this discomfort.

Tips for parents how to minimize property room after the birth

Tips for parents how to minimize property room after the birth.

Find out about property room
The German Deputy said Profit doctor, the room usually occurs within 6 weeks after the birth, including in those students often and caesarean. About 4 days after birth, property room usually has red. Until about the ninth day will turn pink. From the 10th day onwards, production shifted to the dark brown, then faded and expired for about 1 month.

This is a normal phenomenon, but will is unusual and should be if the property room has the phenomenon as:

Have red or white the same smell and repeat several times. If the occasional fresh blood clots, and also the ability to each room the placenta, need the ability to style deals with cancer corneum fur lining.

If the amount of blood out too much, too quickly will lead to blood and ice need consultations as soon as possible.

The case came out very little or no extra products may be closing property room (room still in the uterus). You need prescriptions to stimulate uterine contractions, pushes off production of ironing out. If a late intervention could lead to clotting disorders, bleeding, not dangerous to life.

Property room lasted more than a month with the unusual expression, a woman prone to fevers, abdominal or peritoneal inflammation can, the even blood infection.

Experience minimizes property room after the birth for the mother

Used 2 cover tofu, 2 chicken eggs, and a little white sugar, bring the soup to cook to eat early in the morning when hungry. Each day eat once and constantly for about 4 days then off property room.

Use the tea were out (buy at the drug store). Each day, the siege about 30 g with water to drink instead of water filter, for 1 week. The tea is also beneficial effects were out of milk, blood, weight loss, easy to digest. Drink hot or cold depending on the preference but with a woman, it is best to drink hot.

Sweet vegetable wash leaves, along with some water into the Blender, grind great-grandson took to drinking water, 1 cup every day. If not, you can drink boiled or cooked soup and eat in the feast. Sweet vegetables just treat each other alive, fast production room.

Must be active, go back, not so easy on the bed, hamster leads to sticking. After about 10 days, will completely clean room production.

If the property room stretching, you apply the following will very effectively: black beans, red beans, 200 g each type offers through, and then cooked with the same water on drinking a wine yeast. You can also use 50 g fresh ginger Grill fire, 50 g sugar, cooked with water, drink 2 times a day.