What foods are good for her vote in the summer.

What foods are good for her vote in the summer
On hot summer days, sultry ensuring her health voted a best way is very important so the she elected to take note to the issue of nutrition to the body, Please supplement the food here on the daily menu of her vote. To my sister no longer feeling uncomfortable on hot summer anymore, but also very good for the fetus.

Melon is the perfect choice for her vote in the hot days of summer weather, squash is cool, helped elect heat bar for the body. My sister can cook the broth or juice obtained drinking water are very good for the health of both mother and baby.

What foods are good for her vote in the summer

What foods are good for her vote in the summer.

In addition, she frequently elects edema, particularly in the legs causing her mother elected to have often felt heavy and uncomfortable. Then, use the squash to cook along with the carp into the delicious soup also helps alleviate the symptoms of leg edema swelling in her vote.

Had cucumber taste sweet, cool, the cooling, diuretic, refreshing, she may elect to eat raw or processed into a more attractive dish.

In addition, the mother can drink cool medium processing additional from the cucumber mixture, such as celery, cucumber, carrot and ginger, not only cooling effect but also help parents elected to avoid nausea unpleasantly.

Eros sweetness, the cool, the refreshing, cooling, treat eating indigestible for her vote.

In addition, the tubers legumes contain plenty of nutrients, vitamins and mineral salts such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C … good for her body. The mother can peel, eat live streamed tubers legumes, grilled or drinking can also use versus processed into many a rich and intriguing dishes.

This is the kind of vegetable containing a lot of protide, lipid, lucid, many vitamins, minerals and iron good for her health. In addition, the calcium content of Amaranth is very abundant, do not contain oxalic acid should be voted mother body is easy to absorb and utilize iron and calcium to go thoroughly into the body.

In addition, the amaranth is also the food cooling, diuretic, helps dispel the sultry elected her, annoyed of those hot summer days.

Vegetables should
In the vegetables should contain many rich nutrients like carotene, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, mannitol good for her health.

In addition, vegetables need the sweet taste salty, sustainability, vegetables are ideal in the summer for her vote, not only cooling diuretic, which can help lower blood pressure, reduce election she works for the synthesis of high blood pressure due to pregnancy and anemia due to iron deficiency cause outbreak of disease production shock.

Face shower
The Beautiful shower is a kind of food can be processed into delicious dishes and appealing, are more people preferred. Beautiful shower when fresh are South Korea, the cool sweetness, helping the heat to the body bar should be very good for her vote on the hot day.

Straw mushrooms are a great food, the heat and detoxification supplements are ideal in the hot season for her vote.

Not only that, the nutritional composition of straw mushroom quite rich, not only contain protein, fat, fiber, sugar powder substance that also contains many essential elements such as calcium, iron, phôtpho, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, PP … very good for health.

sugar cane Juice
According to Oriental medicine, cane sweetness, computer, cool, Apple profits. Therefore, she elected to drink regular cane not only help to give the body an amount of water, energy, and various nutrients that helps the body resist fatigue, prize fight constipation and nausea pregnancy phenomenon.

The sugar cane drinks regularly will help the body she elected, fight fatigue, anti constipation, and nausea pregnancy phenomenon.

Pregnant women can state should normally drink a glass of water on each cane. The cases of pregnant women at risk of obesity, you should limit the sugar cane drink because it provides more energy.

Black beans
Black beans have the sweetness, computer help, welding, is a food that can be processed into more attractive and nutritious food for her vote.

Parents can elect to cook black beans or tea can also see the evil chicken stew black bean, just help cooling effect has just added the necessary nutrients to the body.

Lemon juice
Lemon is a fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, have a refreshing effect, cooling, an abortion, good for her.

Not only that, lemon also contributed to repel the digestive disorder, anorexia, dry throat thirsty mouth fatigue or nausea in pregnant women.