When are pregnant should eat extra meals in the evening.

When are pregnant should eat extra meals in the evening?
Nutrition during pregnancy is very important for the health of her vote because this is the period of sickness the easiest and miscarriage. Join with nutrition experts advise on nutrition during pregnancy and chý Italy the tips below.

During pregnancy, the mother elected will often feel hungry, always including food cravings on the night but should eat extra meals, after meals?

Think of the many parents elect is extra dinner there’s the harm, in contrast, can add nutrients to the fetus. But many studies have shown that eating at night does no good for the mother that didn’t even offer little nutrition to the fetus.

When are pregnant should eat extra meals in the evening

When are pregnant should eat extra meals in the evening.

Eating extra meals in the evening not nutritional supplements for childre
Not eat more then the fetus will grow healthy and as good as mom’s thoughts. Night help gives the fetus has more nutrition, in contrast, to eating the night before bed will do for her mother suffering from obesity, sleeplessness due to eating too no.

When pregnant, every vote she needs to eat more than usual to provide nutrients for the young, but the night will unscientific. So, if I saw the hunger you should eat before bedtime for about 1 hour, I can drink 1 glass of milk to sleep, again good for the fetus.

Eating extra meals in the evening is the main cause of obesity
Supper will cause obesity. This is more evident. When eating at night, the body is less active, less energy consumption should be made cumulative energy converted into fat, causing obesity phenomenon.

Being obese while pregnant is a nightmare with all her elected because after the birth, the get in shape as the old is one thing wasn’t easy. So, to not lose his slender physique, her vote should limit eating night if eating, should only have a snack at 9 pm to avoid too hungry.

Extra evening eating breakfast affects sleep
The evening is at all the parts of the body are in need of a relaxing break, including the fetus in the belly, so if you eat the night will cause stomach have to work all night and not get a break.

The changes inside the body, the stomach will cause pregnant women difficult to sleep. This directly affects the health of the fetus in the womb by when pregnant, good sleep is especially important for the health of both mother and baby.

Through his mother elected posts had been his answer! Be smart moms, yes the parents vote, not always eat a lot also is good, let’s have a reasonable diet, yes the parent’s vote