When pregnant women suffer cardiovascular disease.

When pregnant women suffer cardiovascular disease
Heart disease is not too scary, even for pregnant women, too. The cause of pain can help parents born baby love normally. Women with heart disease during pregnancy need the advice, watch closely and positive treatment of the cardiovascular specialists and products.

Pregnancy preparation
When planning the pregnancy, should stop taking the medication risk affecting the fetus.

The changes of the cardiovascular system during pregnancy can cause the same symptoms as heart ailments such as fatigue, reduced ability to exertion, breath, palpitations, dizziness and even fainting. Therefore, when there are signs of this, need to visit carefully before making a decision.

Women with heart disease should be carefully examined before pregnancy to determine tolerance for changes. Your doctor will ask medical history and medical examination of entities, do, Doppler heart, exertion test has measured the level of oxygen consumption.

When pregnant women suffer cardiovascular disease

When pregnant women suffer cardiovascular disease.

In pregnancy
In pregnancy, the physician should assess the severity of the disease as well as the condition of the patient. Should visit monthly recurring for mild disease and pregnant women with the disease from moderate to severe. From the 28th week, should visit.

When to use the drug to treat heart disease, the doctor will give the lowest dose effective treatment for the mother and is safe for the fetus.

Stages of labor
The time and manner of laying should be the doctor’s specialty, all 3 cardiology and Anesthesiology discuss, decide. Most new mothers suffer from heart diseases can lay under way thanks to the anesthesia pain relief fit and do short of phase 2 of the laying period.

The surgery to get pregnant have a higher risk of complications should be specified in some cases really necessary, especially if the circulation is unstable. Heart patients should be monitored in blood to love labor and lay.

After the birth
Shortly after birth, the blood flow back to the heart the veins increase due to the movement of blood from the uterus to empty into the circulatory system, due to the pressure pairing of the uterus into the venous system, due to the move of the room from the limbs and lower section of the body on the inside. The change that can lead to heart failure. Therefore, a woman still needs to continue to track the dynamic blood 12-24 hours after birth.

Prophylactic antibiotic use
Women with heart disease have a higher rate of blood infections when labor and lay. About 14% of the cases the detection of bacteria in the blood after the labor or amniotic rupture. A lot of the bacteria isolated were capable of causing acute endocarditis.

When suffering from bacterial endocarditis, the death rate is about 22% and the fetus is 15%. Therefore, heart patients have to use antibiotics prophylactically.